A La Carte has entered into a landmark collaboration with global play and entertainment giant Hasbro, Inc. to transform its iconic TRANSFORMERS brand into an engaging lifestyle and dining experience.


Appealing to an ever increasingly sophisticated class of consumers with comfortable disposable income, A La Carte plans to rollout across various metropolises in the Greater China and South-East Asia regions. The outlets will stay true to the TRANSFORMERS brand’s core DNA, connect with core supporters and introduce new fans to the world of Cybertron.

Premium Locations

The Autobots have teamed up with A La Carte’s renowned team of food scientists and internationally acclaimed chefs to create a delectable offering of galactic goodness. It will be the first time where the food's core ingredients would be truly traceable, nutritious and healthy.
The flagship TRANSFORMERS restaurant will be The Ark.
It is situated on one of Hong Kong’s most recognized locations - Russell Street, a melting pot of cultures from all around the world. 

Immersive IP Experiences

A La Carte will embark on a rapid rollout to a number of high value locations, which would form the backbone of this corner of the TRANSFORMERS universe and capture the imagination of the F&B industry. 

Riding on advances in artificial intelligence and augmented reality, A La Carte’s designers strive to create the ultimate fun and exciting dining experience for patrons from all walks of life. Every outlet will faithfully recreate the TRANSFORMERS atmosphere while injecting a dose of individuality into each signature location.


TRANSFORMERS has a diverse and engaging base of fans, the immersive dining experience at The Ark is a unique window into the world of Cybertron. 


A La Carte understands that and had intently developed an accompanying membership programme to nurture customer affinity, loyalty and value.