Tiffin Kopi House Grand Opening

The opening party of Tiffin Kope House was successfully held on March 28. This is our greatest honour to have Mr. Muzambli Markam, Consul General of Malaysia, hosting the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Once again, our sincere thank to Mr. Markam and all the guests for attending. The team of Tiffin is confident to bring all diners an authentic and enjoyable Malaysian food journey! 


Anima Tokyo welcomes visitors to prepare for an immersive experience and embark on an enchanting journey here! Visitors will discover an array of captivating merchandise and collectibles as well as enjoy some inspiring exhibitions of the beloved Japanese Anime and Manga culture brands, providing an unforgettable experience for fans and collectors alike. What’s more? A breathtaking retro Japanese dining gallery SHOWAKI FOOD TOWN on the second floor of Anima Tokyo recalls the essence of 1940s to 1980s Japanese aesthetics offering a curated range of culinary options to diners.

We are very much looking forward to the grand opening of the world’s first Japanese IP Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, the most central point in Hong Kong.

The groundbreaking Showa-style culinary plaza “Showaki Food Town” has now landed in Anima Tokyo.

The highly anticipated large-scale anime hub, Anima Tokyo, brings a delightful surprise with the introduction of the 33,000 square feet Showa era-themed culinary plaza, “Showaki Food Town” showcasing the essence of aesthetics from the last century. Drawing inspiration from the classic elements of the Showa period, “Showaki Food Town” creates a retro dining space filled with a nostalgic atmosphere. From rustic wooden walls to vintage lighting, every detail faithfully reproduces the charm of yesteryears, leading everyone on a marvelous journey through time.

“JapShowaki Food Town” boasts 11 unique establishments offering a variety of classic Showa-era delicacies. These include KAIBAO Seafood Market with its fresh seafood selection, SUSHI-I serving handcrafted sushi, IZAKAYA TENTORI offering traditional Japanese dining, i-RAMEN serving authentic Japanese ramen, artisanal bakery, and even a Japanese whisky bar. It covers the most beloved culinary flavors of the Showa era. Additionally, the culinary plaza regularly hosts various activities, including tuna filleting performances and other cultural experiences, allowing you to enjoy not only a meal but also a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Transformers The ARK x kkday  

Transformers The ARK has officially landed on KKday! Transformers The ARK has partnered with KKday to bring a more immersive Transformers experience to Transformers fans. By purchasing the Award-Winning Burger Pizza Meal (For Two) on the KKday platform, fans can enter the world of Transformers at the Causeway Bay and Tseung Kwan O stores. Additionally, there is a special offer where fans can take home two selected Transformers T-shirts from the designated series at a discounted price.

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